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Airboat Swamp Tours

Tour The Louisiana Swamps With A Local Swamp Expert

Experience the best of both: a New Orleans Swamp Tour and an Airboat Ride.

Airboat Tours

The Louisiana Swamps are filled with untouched beauty that can only be experienced by boat. Amongst the century old cypress trees and foliage, resides huge alligators, snakes, and other swamp life. But, the only way to learn the secrets of the swamp is to be guided by a local swamp expert.

The New Orleans Airboat Swamp Tours is the best way to experience all the beauty and mystery that the swamp has to offer. You will enjoy high-speed airboat travel across the marsh into the hidden bayous that only New Orleans Local tour guides know how to reach. Under the huge cypress tree canopy draped in Spanish moss, you will get to see the swamp come to life with turtles, snakes and of course lots of alligators.

Your personal Airboat Swamp Tour will be guided by a local Captain. The Swamp Boat Captain will explain the ways of the swamp and introduce you to some of the local wildlife. You will see lots of Louisiana Swamp Gators and you may even get so close you can touch one.

Every Airboat has stadium seating which makes every seat perfect for the best viewing experience. We have a variety of different airboat sizes from 6 passengers to 16 passengers.

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Get Ready To See Some Louisiana Gators!

New Orleans Best Airboat Swamp Tours Are High Speed Adventures.

Whether you are a New Orleans Visitor or local resident, Airboat Swamp Tours are the experience of a lifetime. There are secret places in the Louisiana Swamps and Bayous that can only be reached by an airboat. Our local Cajun Airboat Captains will take you inside the swamps and describe the history of the swamp and the wildlife that lives there. Alligators, Bald Eagles, Snakes, Turtles, and Louisiana Pelicans are just some of the swamp life you can see. Every Airboat Tour experience is unique … you never know what you may see.

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