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New Orleans Airboat Swamp Tours are truly a blast!

Our airboats are powered by a 454 Chevy Engine that speed to the swamps up to 35 miles an hour. The airboats are propelled by a huge fan that blows air from the back of the boat and exceeds 200 miles an hour.  The boats are designed to reach deep areas of the swamp, places that you cannot reach by foot or car. It is a unique and exciting experience.

The Airboats can ride in an inch of water and go where traditional boats cannot go!

Swamp Tours High speed air boatOur New Orleans Airboat Swamp Tours are high speed adventures that are part tour and part ride!

Each New Orleans Airboat Swamp Tour is unique experience. We never know what will be around the next corner…alligator, bald eagle, turtle, even snakes. The area toured during the tour is a combination of swamp, marsh, and lake.  Be on the look out to see almost anything.

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New Orleans Airboat Swamp Tours
Louisiana Tour Company Policy – Airboat Tour Disclaimer

Airboat Tours are performed in an open boat. If it rains, you will get wet. Because of the nature of the airboat ride, pregnant women or people with neck or back problems cannot participate. Children must be 48” in height to sit and wear a seat belt. Hearing protection is provided by the company. You can purchase inexpensive Rain Ponchos at the swamp tour-snack shop. LTC reserves the right to add a fuel adjustment fee to tour prices, in the event of crude oil prices exceeding $80.00 a barrel.